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Posh Cold Cream Wash: Labiotte Marryeco Moisture Cleansing Serum Review

My skincare stash was large enough for my friends to judge me while moving a few months back, but it seems that I focus on creams and hydrating layers because after the move, I found myself with a single first cleanser. I borrowed my mother’s Lancome makeup remover to use while I was waiting for my purchase to arrive, but was glad to go back to a first cleanser.

I’m fond of oil cleansers in general, but while searching through the BBCosmetic site I found a product I’d never tried before–a cleansing serum. Further research showed that this product was similar to a cold cream, and I purchased it immediately, because I’d always been curious about the cold cream makeup removing method but the concept of cleanser stored in a jar squicked me out a bit. This seemed like the perfect way to try cream cleansing out!

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September 2017 Roundup: Empties and Haul

It’s been a while since my last post, which is what I should change the name of this blog too, but better slowly than not at all! Here’s a post of all my beauty trash for the month of September, as an ode to my consistency as a blogger!

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The Face Shop Jeju Volcanic Lava Peel-Off Clay Nose Mask

The single worst smell I’ve experienced in my life, as someone who has three younger siblings and has experienced all the wonders of infant body fluids, is this DIY pore strip from one of Michelle Phan’s videos. Part of this horrendous stench is due to the fact that it’s a pore strip, and therefore meant to go directly on your nose. If you’re fasting or dieting I would maybe recommend trying this recipe just because nothing turns you off food more than this gelatinous… I don’t even know what to call it.

Olefactoury senses aside, one benefit that my thirteen year old self realised about this DIY pore pack is that because it’s a liquid, you have the opportunity to customise the pore pack shape. I enjoyed being able to take the mask up the bridge of my nose to the space between my brows, where I am also prone to dark sebaceous filaments. I no longer make these DIY pore masks due to laziness and choosing to rely on professionals for my skincare products now, but when I saw The Face Shop’s Jeju Volcanic Lava Peel-Off Clay Nose Mask I immediately bought it–without even looking for reviews–because of the ability to customise pore strip shapes again.

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In zinc oxide we trust: Alive:Lab Centella Dressing Powder Review

Fun fact: I’m in the habit of doing my evening routine around dinner time because I don’t often leave the house afterward, and when I first added Mario Badescu’s Drying Lotion to my routine I would often forget how starkly the pink spot treatment stands out on my yellow-toned skin and only remember after finding myself in the middle of a grocery store picking up some last-minute study snacks. At this point it’s happened so frequently I’m not even bothered anymore–masking in public, spot treatments in public, meh.

Now Mario Badescu’s Drying Lotion isn’t actually the product I’m reviewing today, but it is the reason I chose to pick up the actual product we’re discussing today: Alive:Lab’s Centella Dressing Powder. Zinc oxide in the Drying Lotion worked so well for me I picked up the Centella Dressing Powder on a whim during a Memebox sale and so here’s my second Hallelujah to the zinc oxide god’s.

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Tea Tree Trials: Comparrison Review Between LJH Tea Tree Essence, Naruko Tea Tree Serum, and Pure Tea Tree Oil

Within the Asian Beauty community, you’ve probably heard a couple of horror stories of how people mistreated their skin as misguided teens. Getting a chemical burn from lemons, using a kitty liter face mask, etc.

I did them all.

This one time I made a DIY toner from brewed green tea and apple cider vinegar. I brewed a whole two cups and kept it for months, never thinking that the toner might go rancid.

Another time, I made a mixture of toothpaste and straight rubbing alcohol to use as a spot treatment. The spots I chose were my nose, left cheek, right cheek, chin, and forehead.

Needless to say I kicked these habits to the curb as soon as I started taking skincare more seriously and found more reliable sources to take advice for treating my acne, but the one thing that’s stayed consistent from my routine from then until now, over a decade, is tea tree oil. Thank god for small victories.

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Oh Honey, Oh Baby: I’m From Honey Mask Review

As a sidenote, every time I put this mask on I like the play the following song just because it fits.

As a bonus, this is a nice cover.

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Coming home to chicken nuggets: Zeroid Intensive Cream Review

A while back I read an autobiography about a woman who’s brother was a professional chef at a five star restaurant but came home everyday and ate Costco microwave chicken nuggets.

Zeroid Intensive Cream is my chicken nugget.

There’s nothing exciting about the plain white packaging, though I definitely appreciate the tube over a jar, and the ingredients don’t feature any vaguely-maybe-effective-organism-parts like starfish urine. That being said, it’s nice to have a reliable product that does its job–does it very well in fact–always there for you. Intensive Cream is a lipid, a cream, an occlusive, sometimes a one-product routine, and a saviour for my dry skin.

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My Solution to Having Super Dry Skin and Being Active Happy: Dr. Jart Ceramidin Liquid Review

This will be a shorter, more rambley, review-esque post mostly because this product has already been discussed so thoroughly. It’s one of the KBeauty products available at Sephora, for their horrendously marked up prices, as a testament to its popularity. I wanted to focus a little less on the product breakdown, and more about how I’ve incorporated it into my routine besides just slapping it in.

Included in this post:

  1. Basic overview
  2. Why I use this product
  3. How I use this product at different points in my routine

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Fast Masking: Mirae 8 Minute Extreme Hydro NMF Sheet Mask Review

Sheet masking is a gateway drug to many for Asian Beauty and it has a lot of benefits–the convenience of not having to wash anything off afterwards, the no-mess single serving packets, the pampering spa-esque experience, and of course the extra hydration boost that’s especially helpful since it’s winter here in the good ol’ Northern hemisphere. One definite downside to masking, however, it the long-ass time it can take and the limited mouth-mobility while we do so (I am a compulsive snacker). And that’s where the Mirae 8 Minute masks come in!

I saw these on Crystal Cove Beauty in November of 2016 and was curious about the advertised 8 minute masking period, which is significantly shorter than the 30-45 minutes I usually keep a sheet mask on. Are these just normal masks you take off after 8 minutes? Do they provide as much moisture as a 40 minute masking session? What makes these masks different? Curious, I bought a couple and here we are with the review!

Included in the post:

  1. Basic Information and Claims
  2. Experience: 8 minute Masking Session
  3. Experience: As long as possible masking experience

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