I’ve finished the Masktory January sheet mask box officially, which reached me around two weeks ago near the 10th, and thought I’d review them all again like last week! This post will be significantly shorter, because I don’t feel the need to go very indepth into the Innisfree and Tony Moly masks, but they all have mini reviews.

Included in this post:

  • Summary of sheet masks provided (claims, ingredients, etc.)
  • Personal experience with sheet masks
  • Overall experience with this box

Leaders Amino Moisture Mask

General Information:

The Leaders Mediu Amino Mosisture mask is part of the brand’s Mediu Amino line, which features other masks such as their Amino Clearing Mask and Amino AC-Free mask. A single is usually 2-3USD while a box of ten on Amazon is around 14USD.

Ingredients Overview:

These masks have a lot of interesting ingredients-starting with actives. Acer Saccharum Extract is the fourth ingredient on the list, a plant derived AHA, and Lactic Acid is near the bottom. The bulk of the moisturising is from butylene glycol, and there are also seventeen amino acids and one ceramide present. Chamomilla recutita flower extract (calming/soothing), armica montana flower extract (fragarance/conditioning), gentian lutea root extract (soothing), achillea millefolium extract (anti-inflammatory), and artemisia absinthium extract (antioxidant) are also present. Notable triggers in the mask are mineral oil and fragrance.

Personal Experience:

This mask wore for around forty minutes and was so soaked in essence that I had to adjust it constantly because its weight coupled with the sheet’s thinness meant the mask kept sliding down my face. It should ideally be worn laying down in this situation, but I had work to do and couldn’t. It is very hydrating, and I didn’t feel any irritation or see any redness upon removing it. The essence residue is sticky, less so if you let it dry, but sticky never the less though I don’t particularly mind. Overall I was pleased with the mask, and my skin felt plumper than usual when I woke up the next morning.

Skin Day Whitening Double Mask

Mask Information

This mask was a bit more difficult to find information on, in no small part due to the fact there are many more popular brands that also put out Panda animal sheet masks. According to Facetory, this mask has a retail value of 4USD and brightens up skin with pomegranate extract, mulberry root extract, acai berry, and Chinese pearl barley.


The CosDNA is entered here, and as a disclaimer I would like to mention that I did this with the aid of a translator. The ingredients actually look very promising, with niacinamide as the fourth ingredient, snail mucin filtrate, and lots of whitening and anti-inflammatory ingredients. Notable concerns include fragrance and Polyoxyethylene Hydrogenated Castor Oil.

Personal Experience:

I really appreciated the two part aspect as most sheet masks have eye holes too large for my eyes, so my under eyes aren’t covered. This mask has the traditional sheet, as well as two eye patches that go under and ensure maximum under eye hydration. As far as that hydration goes though, the fact the mask was printed meant the sheet was rough and didn’t hold that much essence, so it dried quickly and my skin was indeed more hydrated, but barely so. It was alright and a fun pattern, but I’m not particularly into printed masks, so it wasn’t necessarily my tastes. Though the ingredients list looked promising, there didn’t visibly look brightened, and it felt just more hydrated.

Innisfree It’s Real Squeeze Acai Berry Mask & Tony Moly I’m Real Avocado Mask

These two mask lines were some of the first ones I tried before even getting into a proper skincare routine; I would wear them during and after all nighters my Sophomore year of uni to keep myself awake and help me look less tired. I’ve done a more thorough review of the Innisfree line in general on my Instagram here. I consider both of them basic hydrating masks, without any other benefits really, though I would recommend the Innisfree line over the Tony Moly because if you bought the variety pack, you’d end up with less duds. Besides the Kiwi in the Innisfree It’s Real Squeeze line, I’ve been satisfied with all the other masks. In the Tony Moly line, however, I’m not very fond of the Wine/Avocado, and I’m on the fence about the Makgeolli. The Tony Moly ones are also more prone to drying sticky. Neither of them have particularly exciting ingredients lists, in my opinion.

In terms of these two particular masks–the Innisfree Acai Berry one was fine. My skin felt plump after keeping it on for about 25 minutes, and it patted into my skin easily. The Avocado one is one of my least favourites from the Tony Moly line, however, because it just wears uncomfortably. It doesn’t pat in as easily as the Innisfree or the Tony Moly I’m Real Rice mask, which is my favourite from Tony Moly’s I’m Real line, and I wouldn’t repurchase.

Looking Forward

I had mentioned being apprehensive about this month’s box in my last December Facetory post (link), just because this box seemed rather familiar to me, while the December box was completely new and exciting. However, I found myself more fond of this box than I thought it would be. The Tony Moly I will not be repurchasing but didn’t break me out; the Innisfree was an easy mask to wear and use up; the Skin Day mask was interesting ingredient-wise and appearance-wise; the Leaders mask gave me a chance to try more from the Mediu Amino line, and I’ve filed this mask away in the back of my head for times of serious dehydration.

In terms of next month’s masks, they aren’t revealed yet but there is a teaser of both boxes on the Facetory official website, and I’m very excited. The only brand I recognise is Chonee, with a pretty shitty brand concept that I cannot support but am vaguely intrigued by. Hopefully that mask will be in the 14 mask box, and I’ll be spared the moral dilemma of putting it on.