Sheet masking is a gateway drug to many for Asian Beauty and it has a lot of benefits–the convenience of not having to wash anything off afterwards, the no-mess single serving packets, the pampering spa-esque experience, and of course the extra hydration boost that’s especially helpful since it’s winter here in the good ol’ Northern hemisphere. One definite downside to masking, however, it the long-ass time it can take and the limited mouth-mobility while we do so (I am a compulsive snacker). And that’s where the Mirae 8 Minute masks come in!

I saw these on Crystal Cove Beauty in November of 2016 and was curious about the advertised 8 minute masking period, which is significantly shorter than the 30-45 minutes I usually keep a sheet mask on. Are these just normal masks you take off after 8 minutes? Do they provide as much moisture as a 40 minute masking session? What makes these masks different? Curious, I bought a couple and here we are with the review!

Included in the post:

  1. Basic Information and Claims
  2. Experience: 8 minute Masking Session
  3. Experience: As long as possible masking experience


Description from Crystal Cove:

This mask is made with the latest material and technology from South Korea so that you get the benefit of a 20 minute sheet mask in 8 minutes.

From the same manufacturer of LOVEMORE and SEXYLOOK sheet masks, MIRAE is skincare from the future.

The sheet mask is made of advanced high functioning material and NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor) from South Korea. This material has excellent tight structure to minimize loss of essence.  The woven material has excellent elasticity and close fit that enhance the penetration of the high concentration essence.  As a result, you can get the full benefit of a 20 minute masking session in 8 minutes.

Basically, the sheet mask features a new material that will help NMF based essence penetrate deeply and deliver a 20 minute masking session in 8 minutes. Two things I found interesting were the South Korea origin for both the sheet mask technology–despite this seeming like a Taiwanese company due to the Chinese writing on the mask and the affiliation with My Scheming and Lovemore–and the NMF–which are amino acids and affiliated metabolites that exist inside stratum corneum cells that act as humectants and are found naturally in our skin cells. That, along with the fact MIRAE is a Korean word, makes it sounds a bit like South Korea is mentioned just to gain more attention, since KBeauty has been receiving so much attention recently.

Despite the back being all in Chinese, there are ingredients printed in English at the bottom of each mask and I’ve transcribed them into CosDNA here: Vit.B, Aqua.

Experience: 8 Minutes

This mask is one that comes with an extra plastic backing that you’re supposed to peel off after configuring both layers to your face, and I usually just rip the plastic backing off first. Most of the time, when I try to do the two-step adjustment process the mask sheet rips off with the plastic backing so I end up adjusting it anyway. This specific mask is super thin, maybe half the thickness of the average Innisfree/Etude House sheet mask, which makes it more difficult to apply directly onto the face. So next time I used one of these masks I attempted to apply both layers first, and because the sheet mask was so thin I didn’t have the problem where it came off with the plastic; it adhered to my skin perfectly! The fit of the mask was alright–because it’s so thin you can yank any holes wider and overlap any holes that are too big fairly easily.

The bag had a lot of leftover essence in it, around 2 tbsp, which I didn’t apply to the mask like I’v been doing recently. For the next section of this review, where I left the mask on as long as possible, I dumped all the leftover essence onto the mask before timing it. I do find the fact there was so much leftover essence in the bag a bit contradictory to the claim that “this material has excellent tight structure to minimize loss of essence.” In terms of texture, the essence was watery but not drippy to the point where essence was spilling into my lap while I was applying the mask or running down my neck during the wear time.

After application, I felt the mask begin to dry out at 4:40 (4 minutes and 40 seconds after application), but it was still comfortable to wear. By the eight minute mark no part of the mask was completely dry, but the strip under my nose and above my upper lip was getting there, and the edges of the mask were starting to lift. Despite the thin mask sheet, I was surprised to find that I never had to adjust the mask. My skin felt plump, but there were no visible brightening or redness-reducing results (disclaimer: most of my redness is PIE which doesn’t seem to be that affected by classic soothing+redness reducing topicals). I didn’t find it as hydrating as leaving a Leaders mask on for forty minutes per say, but it was similar to an average 15 minute masking session. When I sheet mask I have to pat my following cream in a little longer for it to fully absorb than when I don’t, and when I was patting my cream in after this sheet mask it took a longer time, similarly to when I follow a “normal” sheet mask with the cream.

Experience: As Long As Possible

The first time, when I left the mask on for the intended eight minutes, I used the Aqua mask from this line. This second time I used the Vit.B one, but both times there were few immediate visible results, and the ingredients lists feature similar main ingredients, so I won’t really be speaking to differences between these two masks in the same line for the sake of this first-impression type review.

This mask applied just like the first, and had the same 2 tbsp of essence left in the bag. I dumped it all on top of the sheet mask after adjusting it, and then left a timer on to see how long before it fully dried out. While I didn’t have to adjust the mask as is (in my previous experiment), because I dumped all the extra essence on top I found I needed to adjust the mask once. At 18:36 the strip between my nose and lips was completely dry, but the seconds on my cheeks and forehead were still soaked. Around the side of my face the mask was damp but definitely in the process of drying; I peeled the mask off at this point and let it sit for a coupel of seconds before patting the extra essence in. My skin felt just as plump as if I’d left a more hydrating mask sit on it for 35-45 minutes, and I usually apply two creams (an AIO cream and another more occlusive cream) in both the night and day, but this time I skipped the AIO and just applied a gel cream before my sunscreen during the day. The sheet mask did seem to have some stiffer material embedded in that could contribute to it really locking hydration in, but it was still very comfortable to wear and light on the skin.


The sheet masks are super thin and comfortable to wear, and the 8 minute mask is good for hydration and a quick skin pick-me-up. You can also leave the mask on longer if the eight minutes feels like a waste, in which the 18 minutes which left my skin very plump. Personally, I am on a sheet mask no-buy so I will not be repurchasing anytime soon but if I start cutting down my morning routine or they release new “flavours” in this line of mask, I will definitely be interested in trying it out.