My skincare stash was large enough for my friends to judge me while moving a few months back, but it seems that I focus on creams and hydrating layers because after the move, I found myself with a single first cleanser. I borrowed my mother’s Lancome makeup remover to use while I was waiting for my purchase to arrive, but was glad to go back to a first cleanser.

I’m fond of oil cleansers in general, but while searching through the BBCosmetic site I found a product I’d never tried before–a cleansing serum. Further research showed that this product was similar to a cold cream, and I purchased it immediately, because I’d always been curious about the cold cream makeup removing method but the concept of cleanser stored in a jar squicked me out a bit. This seemed like the perfect way to try cream cleansing out!

This cleansing “serum” is definitely more of a cleansing cream, and comes out as an opaque white cream that holds it shape when it comes out of the container. The container itself is a squeeze bottle dispenser, which is fine since the cream is thick enough not to run everywhere.

The instructions on the BBCosmetic website say to rub it on your face, and then rinse off with tissues or water before double cleansing. I’ve tried both methods and find that since it rinses without detectable residue when I use water, I just do that as to not go through too many towels too quickly.

In terms of it’s cleansing abilities–I would say it’s an average makeup remover. Face/brow/eyeshadow/everything easy to remove comes off easily. Above is a little pat of the cleansing “serum” with a swatch of liquid blush that I let dry before trying to remove.

The serum picks up all the pigment easily.

And it washes clean. I find the serum can handle heavier and matte foundations as well–as most basic first cleansers and makeup removers can. Next, I’m showing you how it fares with waterproof eyeliner (top) and non-waterproof mascara (bottom). Eyeliner and mascara are definitely the products more first cleansers have more difficulty removing, since you can’t scrub in the eye area too hard, and these products are made to be some of the longer lasting.

I let both of these products dry for an hour before attempting to wash them off. As you can see, the non-waterproof mascara washed off cleanly, but the eyeliner still remains.

I find this to be an accurate representation of how the cleansing serum works on the face. Waterproof eyeliner and mascara will stay on, but my non waterproof mascara comes off easily.

Compared to my favourite oil cleanser (DHC’s cleansing oil), this cleansing serum doesn’t remove makeup as well. My DHC Cleansing Oil can get waterproof mascara and eyeliner off easily, and rinses cleanly so I don’t even feel the need to second cleanse unless I psychologically feel dirty because it’s humid during the summer. Though it doesn’t cleanse as well, there is one benefit of this over the DHC Cleansing Oil–it doesn’t run into my eyes.

As mentioned before, the cleansing serum is a cream consistency and doesn’t run. Therefore, when I’m washing my makeup off around my eyes, I can open my eyes partway through to see how much of the makeup has come off. If I did this with a cleansing oil, due to the oil’s slip, I would inevitably get product in my eye. Because the cream’s stiffer though, I can open my eyes quickly without running that risk.

Therefore, because I’ve been wearing no eyeliner and non-waterproof mascara recently, I’ve been enjoying this cleansing serum. It gets all my makeup off, I can open my eyes while applying, and my skin doesn’t feel dry when I use it along side the Cosrx Low pH Foaming Cleanser as a double-cleanse routine. If I wore heavier makeup regularly, or enjoyed single cleansing with an oil cleanser though, I wouldn’t have liked this product, so for those of you out there like that I wouldn’t recommend purchasing.



This is a product that does the job okay, but not above average and only works as well as it does because I don’t wear heavy makeup recently. I did enjoy trying out a new product type, though that doesn’t weigh into the ranking. You’ll notice that I didn’t go over the ingredients in this review, and the packaging does advertise how it contains plant extracts and oils, but because this product stays on my skin for one to two minutes maximum before I rinse it off, I don’t really care what “beneficial” ingredients there are.

This is 15.02USD for 180mL on BBCosmetic (non affiliate link), which is where I purchased it. The full ingredients list was difficult to locate in English, but I let naver translate wreck havoc on the korean version and uploaded the (lacking) translation here.