Within the Asian Beauty community, you’ve probably heard a couple of horror stories of how people mistreated their skin as misguided teens. Getting a chemical burn from lemons, using a kitty liter face mask, etc.

I did them all.

This one time I made a DIY toner from brewed green tea and apple cider vinegar. I brewed a whole two cups and kept it forĀ months, never thinking that the toner might go rancid.

Another time, I made a mixture of toothpaste and straight rubbing alcohol to use as a spot treatment. The spots I chose were my nose, left cheek, right cheek, chin, and forehead.

Needless to say I kicked these habits to the curb as soon as I started taking skincare more seriously and found more reliable sources to take advice for treating my acne, but the one thing that’s stayed consistent from my routine from then until now, over a decade, is tea tree oil. Thank god for small victories.

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